Fixed Rental Income Product

Mayfair’s Fixed Rental Income Product  (FRIP) indemnifies landlords against the hassles, responsibility and majority of the liability associated with being a conventional landlord. Mayfair inherits the same responsibility to manage every single aspect of the tenancy, at no cost to you (the landlord) whatsoever.

Mayfair’s (FRIP) furnishes landlords with a Fixed Rental Income throughout the contractual term even when the property is vacant, or when our tenants fail to pay their rent!

Mayfair’s (FRIP) indemnifies landlords against problem tenants and their potential evictions via the courts, at Mayfair’s expense. During an eviction, landlords will remain risk-free and continue to receive their contracted rental income, no matter what.

There is a multitude of personal reasons whereby our clients seek to fix their rental income for up to seven years, which is at no cost to the landlord whatsoever. Mayfair effectively becomes your risk-free tenant as a result of the contractual agreement we enter into with you.

Irrespective of whether you are looking for a Fixed Rental Income Product on a single property, or an entire prime property portfolio, Mayfair’s (FRIP) is testament to the strength of our success.

We immediately proceed on properties provided by reluctant landlords, investors, property investment clubs, lettings and estate agents. These range from studios to large four bedroom executive homes and Mayfair offers the fair market rent.

We will maintain the internal condition of the property during the term of the agreement. This alone saves landlords hundreds of pounds.

We personally cover all utilities, energy and council tax bills for you (the landlord), even while the property is vacant.

We have a dedicated team of experienced portfolio managers who are all collectively situated in an independent office in order to solely focus on and execute the highest possible portfolio management service.

We employ a professional team of maintenance men who ensure that our portfolio of properties are maintained swiftly and in some cases make significant improvements to particular properties at our expense.

This means that if your property needs attention or repair you can approve our quote or proceed independently with your chosen maintenance team. It’s up to you!

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